Curved barrel stave

Is the x carve able to take into account curved working surfaces? I’m looking at doing personalized engravings on Barrel staves. Thanks for any help to know if this is possible.


the x-carve isn’t your limiting factor here. The design software you use is what is going to determine whether this is doable.

Easel can not do it

What is the software that I would need to do this?

Of course packages like Vectirc can do this but they cost money. A free path might be to look at the free software at I have used F-Engrave. The product you probably want is G-Code Ripper. If you go to youtube and search for Scorchworks, you can see demonstrations and sample uses of his software such as the time that he cameoed a lithophane of Linda Blair onto a Halloween pumpkin. The products at Scorchworks are for the seasoned hobyist. Don’t look for phone support or hand holding. If you are experienced and willing to try, you might find that this works for you.

Fusion 360 is free and capable. There’s a bit of a learning curve though.