Curves cutting strangely

I am brand new to this. I have searched for the answer but I am not having much luck. When my machine is cutting curves is has this jerky motion. It still cuts the shapes out correctly, but it takes much longer than it should. It is almost like it is pausing as it travels on the curve. No problems at all cutting straight lines. Hopefully you can see the video that I have here that shows whats happening. Any help is appreciated. Here is the video

Care to post your grbl settings? Click Machine.Advanced.Machine Inspector and copy all the $settings to here.

What is your workflow from design to carve?

The move/pause motion may be an indicator of to many nodes (points) defining the circle.
A circle can as code be presented at a start point and radius only, or a million points around a circle. If it is the latter then the execution of that particular code take longer than the actual move of the machine. Move, pause, catch up and move, then pause again, catch up.

Sure is this right?

So far all I have done is use the simple shapes or text in easel. After that I have tried to run the carve.

Then that isn’t the case then :confused:

Just rebooted it. That did it. I don’t know why i didn’t think of that before. :neutral_face:Thank you.

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