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I am making a custom bit for resurfacing and I need to change the photo of the bit that I bought. Is it possible to change the photo of the bit.

Why do you want to change the photo? Just set the diameter to match your but.

I have a surfacing bit that I bought and want to add to the custom bit library and the photo that it shows is not my bit. It doesn’t give you a chance to put a photo of the bit your adding. It defaults to one of the only choices that exist.

No, in easel you would have to enter the bit name and identify it through that.

Not through a different photo/icon. They are not editable like that.

OK thank you. You would think that if you add a Custom bit it would not fall in their default list. Oh well

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we can move this thread into the Easel feature request category and if it’s not too tough to use custom icons, then they might just make it available :man_shrugging:

( I like the idea, so I’ve moved it there already :grin: )

Awesome thank you

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