Custom box mod design and engraving

Had a customer wanting a custom made box mod prototype made with engraving and inlay. Now testing different woods and resin/wood mods.

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Nice work. I like the inlay work, it looks nice on that wood.

Intrigued by the box and its fittings, is there a special purpose for it?

Very cool! Looks like a $100 Gift Card Project to me if you share the file(s).

Thanks! I just designed it to look like that for a dna 200 chip and was looking to see how the thickness of the wood would work as far as milling it out. I’m using fusion360 so if I have to modify anything it will be easy to just link up the drawings to the model and any lil adjustment will be able to be done. I still have to drill out the holes for the lid and looking to mod my CNC with a vise that can hold the box mod after its cut out and pocket cut to mill out the chip insert and also holes that are needed.

Thanks! Is that under the $100 project tab on the menu to enter?

From time to time, @Zach_Kaplan poses challenges to the community who receive $100 gift cards. Last time, it was for a stool inspired by Jimmy DiResta and about 30 folks made copies or spinoffs. I think he should do one for beverage holders and boxes. Your project is so intricate that I think it’s worth a gift card to the community.

Yeah I can post the box files but not the engraving that’s for the customer. I have a few projects that are for cupholders for cars/trucks consoles. Also could make a desktop cupholders