Custom cnc bit definition when adding new bit

I am trying to add a new bit to my easel definitions so I can use it. I bought this:
Bowl & Tray Cutter / Dish Cut Bit (Imperial)
1 × Bowl & Tray Cutter / Dish Cut Bit (Imperial)
Cut Diam. x Shank Diam. x Cut Length x Corner Radius:
22.2mm x 6.35mm x 15.9mm x R6.35mm
How do I define it in easel - Bit Type, Cutting Diameter, Angle (assume not needed)

Easel does not natively support this type of bit. But you can trick Easel and use the bit by entering it as an Endmill using the bit Cut diameter. The Sub-Type of endmill doesn’t actually effect the toolpath generation in easel, however I would enter this as a Straight type Endmill with a Diameter of 22.2mm (or 0.874") and Angles are not part of the spec for Endmills so would not be entered.
You will not get any visualization of the radius of the bit.

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