Custom coasters for a business client

Custom coaster molds for a customer. Engraved with a engraving bit and cut out with a 1/4 bit for the outline. Designed in fusion 360 and about 40 mins to cut out. Sanded mdf and tabs and ready in the morning.

<img src="//" width=“690” height=“388”>


next time better stay away from mdf. It soaks up liquids, and tbh it always ends up looking cheap

It’s for a mold not for a finished product.

That’s what he wanted it to be made out of for what he’s going to be using it for a silicone mold making process.

Very nice, Joshua! Your client should be very pleased.

Thanks! He uses the mdf model to cast then make molds to cast in various materials. Testing out some designs and different looks with the endmills and v bits soon for some more custom projects.

Update from customer with progress of his work.


Very cool, at first I was like MDF? but as a mold negative that works well. Any idea what he will be casting these out of?

Yeah if I was making a coaster I’d use a hard wood and seal it after and he makes concrete products.

The mdf I use for prototyping so I don’t waste a good board but also molds or prototypes for customers

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