Custom cutting settings

If I enter new figures under the custom cutting section does that automatically over ride the recommended settings?

If Custom is selected they will be used instead of the recommended values.

The reason I asked was I entered figures under custom but it seems to use the recommended value.

Is the Custom tab highlighted in blue as shown in the screen shot?


Yes, I highlight the custom tab and fill in the figures. is there something else I need to do to lock in the figures?

Thanks for getting back to me on this!

I always use custom as the recommended are always too slow. You an adjust the speed during the carve anyway.

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It has been my experience as of late that, if you have “Custom” selected and then change the bit diameter, Easel will switch back to “Recommended” because that is the default option.

Just something to be aware of for future reference …


Brandon Parker

Interesting, as that might be the case why it keeps going back the the recommended settings.
Thanks everyone for the input I’ll give it another try this weekend.