Custom entryway table design

Working on a custom entryway table design for my xcarve. Designed in fusion 360 and making pocket tabs to snap together as a kit. Other models can be glued/screwed/nailed depending how the customer wants the look to be.

Very nice. How stable is it, I like the slimline styling a lot.

Going to be testing it out soon. Might make another shelf to see how it will hold everything together.

vertical ribs under both shelves (raising the lower shelf a tad might afford enough stability and still be hidden from sight. It’s a fine looking table!

Thanks! Yeah it has tabs in the bottom shelf that just go half way thru to be able to snap in or be glued. Trying to give a look that’s without nails/screws but will have that strong grip of everything is being held in by itself. Also made the design on the side to give it something different then just plain boards that most tables are now adays in stores.