Custom Pool Cue Inlay question

I’ve just bought a xcarve machine and besides the ideas I already have for this machine, I have been thinking about using it to cut inlays on custom pool cues.

We’ve all seen pool cue’s… they’re small and round…

I am guessing I would have to manually mount and then turn the cue so the inlay cut part is closer to the top…

could I do an entire hemisphere of the cue in one mounting or should it be turned and worked on in quarters?

any concerns? is this possible with xcarve machine?

on a similar note (and to keep it simplified), can I carve my name in the side of a 1 inch dowel where the tops and bottoms of the letters are cut deeper as if the letter is wrapping around the dowel? so if I sand the dowel down to 1/2 inch, the name is still there and looks the same as it did at 1 inch…

thanks in advance.

soo excited!! I have it but need to build a cabinet for it first… maybe I’ll go to goodwill and try to find something that can be modified rather than starting from scratch.


in one mounting: not possible.
in four mountings: probably possible in theory, but I would not waste my time on it. It will be a pita.
you need a fourth rotational axis for this kind of work, which is a rather advanced upgrade.

While not CNC related, you could make the cue stock the old fashioned way like they do the celtic rolling pins. It’s kind of a mind blower to glue up square stock and turn it to create a celtic knot.