Custom sized machine

So here’s the scenario.
I have a 30 x 60 work bench that I want to dedicate to a machine.
I want to maximize my space utilization and cutting envelope.

  1. I buy a 1000mm machine
  2. I buy the machine with the added waste board size to mount the controller.
  3. I cut 250mm off of one side of the waste board
  4. I cut 250mm off of one side of the X rail (bridge)
  5. I rotate the machine 90 degrees. (on the waste board)
  6. I now have a machine that is X750mm & Y1000mm (500mm x 750 envelope)

Any thoughts???

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Shorter x is far better.

They just came out with a 750mm machine. I’m sure you could place your order via phone call and have this set up sent ready to go.


I built my cnc with a 600mm Y axis and a 1500mm X axis. My gantry is the 600mm side.

Use your imagination.

In general, the X axis is far weaker than the Y axes because it can’t be connected to the table or rails under the wasteboard. Although the new design for the single-piece X axis looks a lot stiffer than the original design, it will still be inherently weaker. That’s why it’s better to shave the extra material off the X axis.

Depending on what u wanna call the x and y…
the x in my book is the one with the carriage. that should always be the shorter one to prevent unneeded flex…

X is typically left to right, Y is typically front to back. On the X-Carve, the X is better as one piece while the Y will always be 2 pieces since the X gantry (with Z carriage) rides on them.

The longer the X the heavier the machine.
There is nothing wrong with having a longer X travel.
You just need to make sure its stiff and the motors can move it.

the concern is the flex. and why put on unnecessary strain?

Buy a 500 by 500 and then buy a pair of 1000mm rails cheap from someone who upgraded their machine to the new wide makerslide.