Custom Tool Liners

Hey guys,

I’m considering getting an x-carve to do some projects around our lab. One of the things that drives me nuts is the lack of organization in our tool drawers. Has anyone done any custom cut foam liners for hand tools? I’m thinking something like this:

I was wondering what sort of foam would cut nicely on the x-carve and if there’s been any projects out there that could help me get kicked off.



I did my bush box on my x-carve. I wanted to keep the costs down so I used the gym matt foam you can find at any Walmart… It cut ok… I just glued enough layers together to get the thickness I needed… if/when I need to do it again, instead of cutting out each sheet and then gluing them up I’ll glue up a “block” of foam first and pocket all of the tools out with a longer bit. It takes much more machine time, but I got a much better end product on the few layers that were done that way

I would recommend doing this in a well ventilated area if you go ahead with it.

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I’ve purchased some foam from @PeterWakem store. Great service and product!

Here is a thread that I came across: Appalachian Tough foam

@HaldorLonningdal cool.

@AdamSterlingLundy those boxes look great. I was looking at the density of that foam and was thinking it might be too much. Your results look great though.

@MichaelColey thank you for that link. That’s an awesome end product. I’ve ordered some of that foam to see if it will be dense enough for my application. In addition to the tool liners I’d love to custom cut some inserts for my Pelican Cases for trade show shipping so hopefully that’s an option as well.

Appreciate the links!

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