Custom truck emblem made for a customer. .25 aluminum

Customer wanted a custom emblem to be made for a friend that owns a older 67 Chevy truck and could not find any original ones online. He gave me a picture to model from and told me to match it up as close as it can be. I modeled in v carve and cutters I used was a 90 degree vbit from inventables and a cheaper 1/8 2 flute cutter from eBay. All three took about 3.5 hours total and I powder coated and painted the engravings.


3.5 hours for that part seems very acceptable. Nice work!

Yeah it was going slow with it but once I upgrade my z axis/larger motors and a few other things I think I can scale down the time a lot. I sandblasted everything to get rid of most of the milling lines and then powder coating to really make it pop.

That looks really nice. I and Iā€™m sure others, might appreciate seeing your setup, and relating your feeds and speeds for this one. Thanks in advance!