Custom X carve in dust proof/semi sound proof enclosure


Just some sneak peeks of my Custom height adjustable x carve inside a dust proof and semi sound proof enclosure.

The machine no longer has a unit mounted waste board, the bottom of the enclosure is now the waste board and is fully adjustable to ensure its perfectly parallel to the bottom of the machine.

The machine and enclosure with an on board camera is all done via wifi as I machine at home while at work.

I fitted a 43m3/min dust extractor to the enclosure, with one port underneath the waste board and one at the back.

Height adjustment is unfortunately Still MECHANICAL As I Have NOT yet put my mind to work on doing it differently.


This look great. Are you willing to share the design and steps on how to create this?

Hi Marc,

I would but I build it as I went along, sorting out problems and situations as they popped up. The body if the enclosure was made from rejected anodised aluminium square tubing from the company I work for.

Sorry, wish I spent more time on the step by step development of it.