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Since I have purchased my Xcarve I have only had one small issue when I first received my 1000. One phone call and bam I had the parts in the mail and I was up and running in a few days. AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I then ordered a Suckit Dust Boot and it was missing the brush. I quick email to Jenn and she had me sorted and also has been nothing but amazing with my next order and upgrade! AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!

A couple of weeks ago I decided on the laser upgrade. When I got everything all hooked up the laser was always on. I contacted Jay and he gave me some troubleshooting tips and he decided to send me a replacement Driver for the laser. I received the driver and still the same symptoms. I bit more troubleshooting and the I discover that the Laser fan is the issue. I call Jay to apologize to about the misdiagnosis of the laser and he sends me a new fan! AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!

So I guess what I am trying to say is that my experience with my xcarve has been a great one! From the people on this forum to the businesses involved in the continued improvement of this community the overall feeling is if you take a moment to contact someone they are more than helpful and committed to our success!




I am a firm believer in you reap what you sow. This can be seen by the positive feedback and business that is generated by making sure the customer is number one!


Absolutely! I just felt compelled to make sure that I publicly recognize those efforts so that they may continue to reap on the amazing service!

I have same experience with Inventables and Charley at Triquetra. I just ordered JTech laser too and Phil Johnson’s laser mount. They are all awesome.

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Yes sir!! They all do awesome stuff!! Ive upgraded my Z with CNC4Newbies and I have Charleys risers as well!!!