Customer service is OUTSTANDING!

I had a small issue with my order. The self tapping screw got left out and a tap kit was in my tool bag. Figuring that I was supposed to tap the holes myself I tried and failed. . . Ruined a makerslide and my t25 screwdriver.

I got a hold of Paul through customer service. He picked up on the 2nd ring. Seriously impressed with that BTW. I explained what happened and he is sending me new parts overnight. Paul went above and beyond what I was expecting. It’s not often you have an issue and feel better about your purchase after calling customer support. My expectation was just a new bag of screws in the mail some time next week

All of the parts are well organized and labeled with size and amount. All parts are organized according to which assembly they go with and made my build so much easier than if the parts were all in the same bag.

For anyone that might be hesitant with buying a kit, the customer service is the best I have ever had. Big shout out to Paul and everyone at Inventables. I would not hesitate to recommend any of their products to friends or family, just based on my contact with Paul.

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I can second that. Every time I have had any dealings with Inventables it has been nothing but amazing.

I had a twisted makerslide shipped to me, contacted them via e-mail and the next afternoon there was a new one sitting on my front porch. Simply amazing to see a company stand behind their product and customers like this.

I third the sentiment, Sam Alaimo is my goto “inventable”.
Had a couple of issues, first was a set of pins were not soldered on the gshield from the factory.
Also found that the wrong header pins were sent to solder into the gshield as well.

Was sent a new shield and enough header pins that after correcting the soldering issues I now have a spare.

The second was the dreaded stock spindle death.

Asked if I could get credit on it toward a quiet cut spindle upgrade, had a positive response and the new gizmos were ordered up that evening and in my shop in 2 days.

Alot of corporations could learn from the example shown by Inventables!

Agreed about outstanding service, I had a stock spindle failure. They overnight-ed me a new one with mention that new stock spindles were coming in a few week and if this one failed they would send me the new stock spindle without the bearing issues.

I agree about the great customer service. The pulleys were left out of mine, 36 hours later they were sitting on my kitchen table. I’m 2 bolts short and have a spindle wrench that is too small, but I have no doubt that Tuesday when I get home they’ll be there. The quality control on their packing may be lower than desired, but their service and attitude make up for it a couple times over.