Customer service question

I am just wondering what I am doing wrong I have heard from a lot of people that the customer service is awesome. I have call three times and a email no answer from any of them I should I do???

Is it something that the community can help you with? Maybe Inventables’ Customer Service is going the way of pretty much every other company … :thinking: :grimacing:


Brandon Parker

Nah they were just business they got up with me final yesterday and they are taking care of it! That is all of the reason I picked the x-carve was a lot of people said they had amazing customer service they took care of the issues and I can understand things being busy

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hi i call from canada and i got a call back the next day try one more time i am surprise you didint get a reply

They got me In email and told they were just backed up it was great they send me another one and it was at my house less then 24 hours