Customer Success Department FAIL

My troubleshooting is that the so-called Customer Success rep should be taken out and shot.

When I placed my order I left my mobile phone number, but as I am out of the country this number was no good. \When I noticed this via the tracking page I advised Customer Success the problem (Jan 11) and at the same time asked them to change the number on the second part of the order, at that time still not shipped.
I got a friendly prompt reply saying it was done, however since then, despite several return emails to CS, all replied to with the same useless it has been fixed lies, my parcel is still unable to contact, awaiting phone number.

To make it even worse, the Customer Success person did not fix the phone number on the second parcel, so it too is lost in limbo.

If you live in a place with dodgy postal services DON’T trust Inventables with your shipping, if something goes wrong they will almost certainly be unable to fix it up.

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Before you start dissing Inventables customer service, you might want to email/call them directly, and make sure you have your order number handy.

Most of us have found Inventables customer service to be above reproach and superior to almost any other company.


I understand your frustration but calling for someone’s execution over a purchase is more than a bit extreme. Even in a half joking manner in today’s climate. We are all human, and unless we are in the customer service or shipping department at Inventables, We do not know what kind of work load the individual in question has, how many people your requested change had to go through and just who dropped the ball.
As @MarcCohen stated a phone call would be your best bet when you are able to do so, and doing so with non adversarial attitude would help your cause. you will get a better reaction with honey than vinegar.
Customer service is probably one of the more difficult jobs to be in since the folks calling in most often have some sort of difficulty or another and are already pissed off. The CS person has the task of satisfying the customer if possible and since the customer is allready on the negative side of the line, it’s just that much more difficult to resolve their issue.
Depite evidence to the contrary, they are not doing these things deliberately to annoy the customer, s#!* just happens.


I have nothing but GREAT things to say about the Inventables customer service, one of the absolute best that I have ever experienced. If you want to see horrible customer service check out my thread about Laguna Tools, worst customer service that I have EVER suffered through.

I recommend that you follow the advice already provided by @MarcCohen and call them directly. And in their defense, the shipping company seems to be the most to blame, contact them with your tracking info if it’s available and ride their @$$. Inventables can only ship to an address that you provide they contract the delivery out to businesses that do such things. And the only time that I have EVER had any delivery driver call the number on the package is when it’s been a Freight Delivery coming by truck. It is nearly unheard of for UPS, FedEx and USPS to call for any type of delivery.

So, If I make a mistake (like I put down some information and it latter changed due to my fault) I should demand that everyone that can not correct my problem that I made be taken out and shot?

this is one of the reasons I get taken back by the comments on this forum. WOW oh WOW. when I make mistakes I try to fix them. I must be such an idiot for doing that, I should always blame someone else for not fixing it. why should I pay for a mistake that I make.

by your own admission you put in a phone number that latter changed and then demand someone else correct it or face grave repercussions. If that happened where I worked you would never get an answer.

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Do you think I haven’t contacted them directly? FOUR emails so far, all answered, but without resolving the issue, at least two that I interpreted (perhaps incorrectly) that I would hear back from the rep.

Sorry, the honey has gone sour. My attitude is no longer positive. I have worked in a call center and realize the #$%& people dish out, however I did start politely, and did admit it was my cock up with the phone number, however the second order was shipped after that contact without the number being corrected. This was for a strengthened x axis bar, which I particularly wanted, the first part was just some belts that I added on to the initial order, and actually are not dying for.
I don’t think the person responsible was doing it deliberately, although by now he or she might be.

Kenneth, your comment is highly offensive, I wrote to explain MY mistake and ASKED to have the order updated BEFORE the second item was shipped. I didn’t DEMAND anything, you are obviously assigning your own arrogance to me. I would be more than happy never to get an answer from you or whatever company has the misfortune to have you working for them.

I will either get the parts or not, I am now beyond caring if I have pissed away $100 (including shipping). Either way I sure as anything won’t ever try ordering anything from Inventables again, unless I move to a more civilized country with a decent postal service.

thanks. that means that you understand.

in the future if you take that knowledge and apply it when you interact with other people you should find that your expectations are on par with the reactions that you receive.

If not then you will continue on the same path and probably never understand why others do not care about problems that have nothing to do with them.

good luck.