Cut and carve - how to change bits middle of project?

Hi there!
Total Newbie here. My project involves first cutting out the oval shape and then engraving the middle.
I have a 1/8 to cut out and I have a 90 degree v bit to engrave.
How do I set this up in Easel to do both?

Another approach is to Duplicate the design to a 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc Workpiece and assign the appropriate bit there.
Delete any objects within the design that isnt intended for that particular bit.

I believe Easel wants to do the cut outs with the V bit and that is not what most people want.
So the cut out needs to be in a separate work piece.

You will have to do an additional work piece for the project. You can copy and paste the complete project from the first work piece into the second and then delete what you dont want to include.