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Cut and Shape Box

Is there a way to be able to drag this box? Whenever a shape is selected it covers the zoom in/out buttons

Screenshot? Might be clearer for us to see what is going on.

So the cut past box covers the zoom in zoom out

Well, first, you appear to have your browser zoomed in, because those text boxes appear too big. Can you reet the browser zoom? Separately, using your scroll-wheel in the cut frame should zoom in/out.

That does work, I guess I need some glasses

Nothing to do with browser! It’s just down to poor layout/functionality.
I’ve messaged inventables several times about this and haven’t had a response.

I can replicate the problem when I zoom my browser to 150%, at 100% I have no issues.

You do have three top meny lines which occupy screen etate, you can also minimize the bottom project view to clear more space?