Cut circle in recessed area?

I’m working on a panel for a sound board, and can’t figure this part out. How would you tell Easel to start cutting 5mm below the surface of the material?
My screen capture: The rectangular area is cut first, but it doesn’t know to go down 5mm and start cutting.


Just add 5mm to the depth of cut you need

can you share your project? it is probably in the layering of your individual pieces

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Thank guys for the information.
@SteveMoloney - Over the years from using Illustrator and Corel Draw I am quite familiar with layers but can’t understand how this works in CNCing. If a layer is on the top does it get cut first?
I’m going to do some tests today and I’ll let you know how it goes, if i’m still stuck I’ll attach the file.

Thank you again.