Cut depth how to do it?

Here’s what i have, Cut a circle .300 deep 14 inch diameter now i want to add fonts to the .300 depth of .100 deep total of .400 deep from Z height whats the best way to do the cut.

You can either set your Z=0 off of the uncut piece of material and a 0.400" depth of cut for the text, or set your Z=0 off of the bottom of the circle and a 0.100" depth of cut.

Good luck!

Is this what you are trying to do? If it is then all you have to do it create your circle, set the circle’s depth to 0.3", create the text, set the text’s depth to 0.4", and then drag/place the text over the circle where you want it.


Brandon Parker

Thanks Brandon and Michael for the help i ended going the .400 depth it took quite sometime to do it this way since the first .300 distance was just cutting air but in the end i was able to do what i wanted .Dennis