Cut depth is the same

I am trying to fine tune my Xcarve, I am using V carve and set the depth of cut to 0.1 mm on a large rectangle 600 x 470 and it cuts about 1.3 mm deep, and no matter what I set the depth of cut at 0.1 or 0.00001 it still cuts the same depth of 1.3 mm, I am using a probe, any ideas what I am doing wrong

The problem is most likely your machine’s calibration. You can find several threads on how to calibrate your machine. It’s quite an easy process which only takes a minute or two to do once you’re familiar with it. Nearly every machine will need to be calibrated since the distance your axis travels is affected by your belt tension (the z-axis is less susceptible to this, but it’s still present). I typically use either a dial indicator or digital caliper on the Z axis and have the machine execute a plunge, then you divide the instructed distance by the actual distance and that ratio is plugged into your machine inspector and it’s calibrated perfectly. There is a calculator at under the tools section which will give you the exact number you need.

Thank’s Pyrex, I will calibrate again Tomorrow and get it as accurate as possible, that calculator that you linked to is a great idea and I will use that