Cut depth with vbit is wrong

I was doing test carves with letters:
If i specify a straight bit the cut is just .002" shallow of the specified .125" specified, BUT after I changed the specified bit to the vcut 60 and regenerated the tool path the carve was over .03" deeper than the .125" specified in the project.
I tried zeroing with both zprob and touching bit to surface of wood

Any Ideas?

Your vbit is probably not a true point.

That shouldn’t matter for an overall depth. It will affect the cut, though.
It could be a toolpath generation issue with Easel Pro. If you export your gcode, share it here.

If the bit is not a point it will cut deeper in all situations because it calculates depth from the tip.

Check for flat and calculate. @PhilJohnson had a guide on it.

flat or not he is zeroing it the same. The only thing that would happen differently is the interior of the cut would look different and less defined including step over issues. The overall depth should not change.

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If a maximum depth is set, the bottom of the endmill, whether it’s a true point or 40mm facing mill, should be the same.

Both all bit test were zeroed at the bit tip at the same point on surface before cut.
I’ll post the gcode but, how do I export gcode in easel pro?

In the drop down menus or just share the project and post a link.

Machine --> Advanced --> Generate Gcode --> Export Straight Bit VBit

Could it be that the material is not completely flat and/or level? So if you zeroed the bit at one point on the material, where it actually cut could be a bit higher, and therefore the bit would cut deeper.

This has happened to me before. I was carving a serving board, but it had a very slight hump towards the centre, so the cut in that area was very deep compared to the cut nearer the edge.

Just a thought.

No, wood was the same. I even measured the distance from gantry to wast board that was the same at both cut locations

@ScottStoskopf I’ll look at the gcode for the two files, but I don’t pay for Easel Pro. You’ll have to export the code.

I did this in Easel to limit the variables. But I don’t know how to export to gcode. All I can find in easel is import or share.


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