Cut doesn't match command

Router travel distance is 50% farther than commands with Candle and Universal Gcode Sender on two different computers. If the command is 100mm’s, the cut is 150mm’s. I think the problem is in the control box. Please help.

You need to alter your GRBL parameter values for X & Y, parameter $100 (X) and $101 (Y).

Thanks! Works perfectly!

Thanks for your time, I am new at this, my first job was way off the mark. It started carving way out of range, So you mention
I need to change the $100 value. I do not have any item saying Machine inspector? I see machine set up? no console window.
So I am lost right off the bat. " $$ then hit Enter A $-list will appear, locate the $100-value" what is all this?


I did find the advanced button on the machine setup, then I found machine inspector. I typed in $$ and I cn see
$100 = 800.00 I see no button saying re-calibrate?

Is there any videos telling you how to set this thing up? The instructions are vague, like I have done this all my life and it is easy to use. LOL

@HaldorLonningdal has the equation above. It tells you how to figure it.