Cut multiple pieces in a loop (edit the gcode?)

Hi, I need to cut 1000 holes in some plastic boxes and I made a jig to place them but I need to find a way to make a loop so the machine cuts the holes at one location x,y and then x+100 mm,y but then goes back to x,y … repeats forever.

Can I run GOTO instructions in my xcarve? has anyone tried this?

In this case, you would just rerun the original file over and over again using the previous X, Y, and Z zero positions if nothing has changed except a new piece was laid down and the exact thickness of the material is the same between each sheet.

Are you asking how to make this file?
In that case, all you have to do is place the first hole where you want it to go (lower left corner) and then use the Replicator app as shown below. Note that there is an option to displace each from their center distances.


Brandon Parker

I’ve done some similar carves (a slot in 300 blocks of wood)

Personally I use a different Gcode Sender (OpenBuilds Control: Complete Guide to OPENBUILDS CONTROL Best Features - YouTube) and once the X,Y,Z is set it is retained.

So what I have done is alter my Easel project to move the design away from 0,0 and put the project at at the X-100mm in your example and that results in the spindle going to the X+100mm automatically at the end of the carve.

this means I have to position the spindle on the 0,0 of the workpiece and then jog over that 100mm to position it to start the carve, but it works…

And since I use OpenBuilds there is no 4 step process to start a carve, its one button… I pull out the finished piece, install the new one, and hit play and it’s off to the races.


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