Cut off from left to right off

this rectangle is 16 inches long and the right side is 0.127 inches higher and I’m lost on how to fix this problem. I’m positive it’s the x axis but not sure how to adjust for this any help would be appreciated as always.

Is the rectangle square?
How are you positioning your board?

First of all, is the machine squared? (If not the rectangle diagonal measurements wont match.
Also, is X aligned with the silk screen of the board?


Yes it’s square and I positioned it in one of the lines in the waste board

The machine is square from what I see I did notice that when doing one test someone suggested it seems the x axis is off when moving across the x axis it’s higher on the right as it moves across the board I just don’t know how to adjust that

Then the lines on the board do not match/being parallell to your X-axis, skewing off your result.

Ok but how do I fix it?

To see if it is off or not take a vbit and line it up on one of the lines on the far laft side. Then run it across the the right side and see if it still lines up. You can also use the vbit to score a line straight across the waste board for a reference.

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That is what I did and it is off what is the fix?

My guess would be either your machine is not square or your waste board is not square with your machine. Pawpaws work shop has a good video on squaring your machine.


i will watch that

Your machine is not square. You will need to loosen all screws on the waste board and on the frame. Measure diagonal from corner to corner - both measurements need to be the same. Get the frame square and then start to tighten the waste board to the frame. There is enough play in the system that you will be able to get it close enough. Use a waste board leveling bit to level the waste board. That will give you the edge to line up to.