Cut out & Double Cut

I’ve not been able to identify the how &why but I’ve been doing some Star cutouts, After the initial cut out the machine jogs to a slightly different start position then progresses to cut out again (but 2nd time round doesn’t obey Tab placement)
Is there any specific series of events on my part that causes this or is Easel Pro duplicating the cut for some other reason.
Note : One “Double Cut” today took 30 mins+, Made simple edit to Cut on Path to Inside path and back again, Machine time reduced to 10 mins (and I couldn’t get it t Double Cut again



If you started with an SVG image you may have a closed path with no infill. Easel and other programs then want to follow and cut on the outside and inside of the line. You may need to do a little editing to your source.

Hi Harry, thankyou for prompt reply. I think you cracked it for accurate reply, when zoomed into see individual machine tracks, double parallel lines can be seen,