Cut out moving in pocket

Hi Guys, I am looking for some suggestions and I am wondering if I need to alter the cutting speed. I was trying to cut out small letters from 1/4in birch plywood. When the router makes its final passes it ultimately moves the letter in the pocket and shaves off a tip or corner or moves it so much the letter is destroyed. I feel like I’m blowing through wood trying to get this right. Do you have any suggestions for me before I head out to make more firewood?

I would suggest using masking tape and CA-glue for the entire backside of the design, this will help retain the elements fixed.

Another option is using tabs, but this often cause dimples on the part.


I will have to try that. I am not sure what you mean by the glue though.

Place a layer of blue masking tape on the material and another on the spoil board. Use CA-glue to sandwich the two layers together, in effect creating a double-sided tape.
The pros for using masking tape is the ease of removal/lack of glue residue on the part.


What @HaldorLonningdal said ^^^ works good for me !