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I am working with a bullseye target from design library in which I am cutting the interior 1/4 deep, but I would like to the exterior outline all the way through(1/2). I don’t see a way to create an outline or break a design apart to cut different depths per line. Suggestions? I attempted the explosion app, but it seemed to only duplicate project. I’m a week into x-carve…please advise.

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If you can share the project (in easel go n to project>share>change it to unlisted>copy the link>post link here)
I can show in a short video how to do what you need using your specific design element. :+1:

Bullseye project

That’s a link right back to this thread. :thinking:


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Much Better :grin:

Awesome video! Thanks so much for taking the time!! I have already subscribed. I am a corel and trotec user or 10 years and just getting into cnc. Your video was so helpful. Many Thanks!

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oops, i meant to add this hours ago and got distracted…
Here’s some more quick info about the bit selection that I noticed…

That is super helpful. I appreciate it. I’ve got to dig up a little raw material and I will give it a go tomorrow. Thanks!!

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