Cut Path Offset on Far X & Far Y Axis of cutting area

Good day everyone. So i have been working on fine tuning the settings in order to cut juice grooves in my cutting boards and butcher blocks. I have included the settings that i used for this test run however each side is off from the image within Easel Pro. Within Easel Pro all the dimensions everything lines up perfectly with a 1/2 inch boarder all the way around. I added details of the measurements and the final results of the finished work. I am super green to the CNC world and would greatly appreciate it if someone can provide guidance on what i missed or possible root causes that is making my finished product off so much.

x-carve juice groove test_3

sometimes It’s a lot faster/easier to talk through the issues and what causes this… so here’s a quick private video talking it through…


& Here is the info I was refefencing about making the top parallel to the spindle movement:
Is that Especially with a V Bit, the top surface of even planed flat. or even Sheet goods are used, the top is never perfectly parallel to the spindle movement.
To Get perfect V-Bit carves there are 3 realistic options:

  1. Surface the wasteboard and use Sheet Goods that are not cupped, twisted, or bowed AND Plane any real wood… AND HOPE FOR THE BEST.
  2. Repeat the Prior Option AND shim the board as best as you can while using the spindle with a bit in it to gauge the top being perfectly parallel… (this is a bit more time consuming but works better than option 1 but not as good as option 3)
  3. Surface every workpiece (and if plywood is used refer to option 2) If painting or Staining, then surface and paint/stain on the CNC without removing for best results
    (I have a video of doing this with for my Flags if your interested…)
    and here’s a video showing the calibration process, you’ll want to first verify the belts are tensioned properly and then verify the calibration is still off before going in and changing the actual settings…
    CNC Stepper Calibration - YouTube

Thank you Seth for the insight. I had figured that the calibration is off but i also believe now (after checking the belts) that i need to tighten them up. I have a link that was sent to me that has a short video on how to use the formula to correct the calibration issues. Once i have those entered in i will run another test run to see if it is good to go or not. You had mentioned that it better to use the center of the project as the 0,0 (X,Y) which i wanted to try before hand (had a couple of mess ups using that setup ) but I’ll try it for the cutting board tests.

The project was secured firmly to the waste board (picture was after i had removed the clamps) but i will try the other option once i can buy\make them.

Once i can get the numbers ready and input into Easel i will run another test and update the thread. Once again thank you for the guidance appreciate it very much.

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