Cut Quality

This may have been covered in another post but I am having issues with my machine making mistakes like the one pictured. In this particular cut there are two baseball bats that form an X. The other bat turned out great but this one has a mistake that is highly visible on walnut ply. Overall there are several mistakes in the carving like subsequent passes not lining up with the previous cut. I feel like they are all being caused by the same problem, I am just not sure what that problem might be. Anyone been down this road before??

Interesting… I’m not entirely sure what you’re seeing there, it looks almost like it ramped into the cut a little low. What was this sent with and programmed with?

You can definitely improve your cut quality with a downspiral bit, though, especially on plywood! :slight_smile:

I should have taken another picture after I sanded it down, most of that fringe is because I used a 1/8th inch straight cut bit as I don’t have any down spiral bits. It all cleans up fairly easily with a DA sander and some 220 paper. What I have circled is an actual cut thru the veneer, like the machine lost its place but it happened on probably the 3rd or 4th pass. The first few passes were dead on so I left the machine to run while I worked on something else. The vector was made in inkscape then imported into easel for the cut.