Cut selected part only?

Is there a way to cut only part of file shown in Easel? Like maybe move selection to off material or grid so it wont cut?

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I’ve been doing this by just selecting everything else in Easel and setting the cut depth to 0. Be careful placing geometry off the grid as Easel will still generate g-code to cut those parts and that could cause you machine to crash.

Thanks Rusty. I had thought of that but it sure makes it hard to find the pieces again. Would be nice if they showed a thin outline when they are 0 depth of cut. Thanks again.

Another option is to copy and paste the element/s you want to carve into a new file. Items will paste in the exact location. You will need to confirm your material thickness, bit size, depth and speed in the new file.

This will leave your main document as-is, and you can then delete the new file when you are done with it.

Thanks Millerama. Always good to have alternative choices.

It can be a bit of a pain to find those hidden pieces, having just a thin line would be great. What I have been doing when I need to find a hidden piece is doing a select all and changing the cut depth to something small. I then find what I need and set the depth of everything else back to 0. It’s not the fastest system, but it works!

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