Cut settings for inventables bits


I just purchased two bits from Inventables ( and However, I’m new to the X-carve and have no idea what cut settings to use, but every material I pick, Easel says “These are untested values…”. I find that odd since these are Inventables bits on Inventables machine with Inventables software and I would think that prior to selling the bit there would be at least one material tested and put into Easel.

How would I know where to start with settings and/or has anyone ever compiled settings that users have used that have worked for Inventables own bits at least?

FYI, I’m trying to use just plywood, so nothing exotic here. Unfortunately Inventables support didn’t have any insight here.


In most cases stay at minimum RPM, 16k. While minimum, its not slow so dont worry :slight_smile:

The first bit is a 1/2" straight bit and best suited for surfacing, in other words shallow depth per pass.
Useful for planing wood, try 0.01-0.02" depth per pass and 40IPM feed rate

The other is a 1/4" straight bit, often used for pockets and outline carving,
A rule of thumb say max depth per pass = half of bit diameter (1/8") but for your first cut try 1/16" to see how your particular machine handle it. Feed rate 30-60IPM

Easel support feed override so you can adjust feed rate from 10-200% of set feed rate, to find your machine happy medium.

Happy carving :slight_smile:

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