Cut Starting Point?

I am having an issue with cutting within an already cut out shape. imagine you want to cut out a circle within a circle. when its time to cut, itl cut out the outer circle first, leaving the piece loose so as it goes to cut the inner shape and it throws the piece around, essentially ruining the piece and/or breaking the bit. is there any way to prioritize or sequence the cutting or carving of parts within a project???

Easel used to cut all outer profiles last.
Another work around is to duplicate your project to another workpeice then remove cutout profile from original design and cut. Then in the duplicate project delete all but the cutout and run it last.

There is no need to ask the same question in 2 separate posts. You will get the same answers

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Take a look at my videos. It should answer your questions. Leave a comment and I’ll try to answer your specific concern