Cut Suckit extensions for upgraded Z-Axis

I bought the CNC4newbies 3" wide Z-axis, I cut the four holders where they will fit, but now I realize the suckit doesn’t extend far enough. While I will likely go ahead and order the one from suckit I need something sooner rather than later since my wife has me butting MDF projects. Looks like they currently have a 3 week wait time, What material (even if it is temporary) shoulId use as a stop gap until I receive them and has anyone already created a file?

I made some extensions and they were fairly easy to do. You can check out this post:

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I modified my suck it by removing one of the magnets on each side and moving the first screw up to the hole the magnet was in.

This moved the side slider attachment far enough forward and it’s been working perfectly since.

I am not home right now but I can provide pictures when I am back.


I did the same thing, and then added some super glue for support because the shoe was not as secure with the single screw. Seems to work for now.

I am working on a fusion 360 for the new mounts. Instead I figure I will just use a piece of half inch MDF to mount it. Anyone see a reason why this wouldn’t work particularly if I use white oak. I like the clear arms so I didn’t want to make new ones and I didn’t really want to drill into the boot.

Also, @GordRock, did you just epoxy the rive nut in and did you install it in the front or from the back?

Thanks for the help. I was going to break down and just order it, but $40 with shipping is just a bit too much for me. If I add riser plates I will likley buy the new arms


I did not use epoxy. If you install the rivnuts from the inside you will be pulling the rivnut tightly into the hole every time you tighten the screw. I didn’t use epoxy because I didn’t want to end up with epoxy in the threads and saw no need for it.

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Sorry, to ask one more questions, and I apologize if I missed this in the original thread. How thick was your material and how deep did you cut your recesses? My current plan is material thickness of 3/4 and to make the recess 75% of material thickness.

No need to apologize! I’m happy to help if I can!
The material is 12.7mm (.5") thick and the recess is 8.5mm (.335"). Hope this helps!!

If you like, I could add my designs for the right and left sides to the projects. I might not get them up there until tomorrow, though!

That would be great. Don’t worry I have to still get the hardware for it before I am going to be ready to cut anything.Thanks so much.

I have them uploaded to the projects if you want to use them. Here are the links:

Left arm:

Right arm:

I hope these will help!

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I am trying a different route. Granted I used scap popular as a prototype which led to the cracking when install the threads., but make some MDF spacers and and included made a modified clamp to fit them both. It still uses the original arms. If anyone wants the files I can post them.