Cut timer in easel

I think it would be awesome if we had the ability to either time a cut, or for easel to calculate approx cut time.


Yes please! The percentage complete thing is so irritating to me. Love easel, but hate that status bar.

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Agreed… would be very helpful to have an estimated time frame

I agree, it would be very useful.


Even if it is just an estimate time remaining. Please keep the percent complete, but perhaps add a time since started and estimate time till finished. Would be very useful. Thank you!

This would be so helpful!

It’s critical. Many projects started without knowing how long it will take are abandoned after seeing progress and estimating time remaining.

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Also, I’ve noticed the percentage complete doesn’t always actually reflect time complete. I found it acts weird when I have different level cuts in the same project.

I would like to see this added to Easel as well. For what it’s worth, you can open your project in Chrome and click the Show Toolpaths button. Then, go to the Chrome menu and choose More Tools…Developer Tools…Console, and it will show an estimated time at the bottom. I don’t know how accurate it is, but I use it as a general estimate so I can decide whether I want to change settings to shorten job time.


Based on my observation, the % complete is commands sent to the uno/gshield. The Uno will buffer a number of commands, hence the Easel “did it carve ok” window pops up while the carve is still completing. The issue is that one command can take a variable amount of time, it could be a very short move, or it could be a long move, and it might be dependent if it is an air move or a cutting move.

The one that appears in the debug window seems to be off, it at one point was always giving me the same number no matter what I added to the project, which probably explains why it is only in the debug window and not the UI :wink:

It was pretty close when I cut my guitar parts. After you change the project, make sure you click the Show Toolpaths button again. That button updates the estimate. I use it on every job to adjust settings to save time. (There is another old topic on this already where Zach mentioned the Console estimate - that’s where I learned about it.)

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You’re my hero Steve.

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Thanks Steve! However, It says something that takes 250 min though when cut takes only 10 min.

Would be nice to directly associate the depth and speed of cut with the timer prior to Carving. So the time is reflected in value changes. Tweaking minor depth or speed cut changes by a 10th or 100th to shave a few minutes before hitting Carve here and there would be great.

Seems like it should be easy doesn’t it. At least possible. That said, I know nothing…

We added this feature today in Easel. Check it out and please give feedback.

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FANTASTIC!!! This will be so helpful for non G-Code projects!

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Yippee!! “The” one feature I’ve been hoping for! Can’t wait to get home and try this out!

Man hugs all around!

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