Cut vs Carve

I have been doing cutouts since I bought my machine. I had someone ask me about carving something on a barrel head. Any tips?

As long as it fits in the window of your machine, you can do it.
I don’t know what soft ware you have, but I bought Vcarve desktop and I couldn’t be happier.

Could you give me any idea why my view looks like this? It appears my design is so much bigger than my board. I had to stop my machine because its causing me problems

You need to resize your design so it fits in the white square if that is the size of your material

Click “Machine” on the top meny and enter your intended X/Y dimensions in Work Area, for instance 24x24" as the work surface is set to. (Upper right of preview pane)

What is the diameter of the barrel head?

sorry Patty.
I have never used Easel

Something did not reset. The board size is set for 24x24 but the left screen shows 11. Restart or refresh software

Your design is set to more than 3" to the left and below your material. Click on the Shape tab and change your positions to 12" for both X & Y (CENTERED) if you want it centered on your workpiece.

@RobertCanning even watching those videos I am still going to need help, lol

Don’t assume we never needed to revisit a “how-to” a second…or third…time :):sweat_smile:

The design itself may need redesigned. The curves of the top and bottom lines will likely not mimic the curve of the barrel lid and will end up looking wonky.

Are you working strictly in Easel or are you also using some other software?

Ultimately, I would use a center datum and set the center of the design at the work zero in Easel, and then center your bit at the center of the barrel lid.

I work strictly in Easel. Is there another program you recommend

Vcarve desktop. I just got it and it is easy to learn. I love it!!

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V carve desktop is a great piece of software.

VCarve, as Phillip and Jan said.