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Just curious if anyone has tried Cut3d by Vectric and A) how it compares to MeshCam and B) Knows what post processor you would use that it comes with for X-Carve, Axyz?


I’ve used cut3D. It doesn’t let you create 3D files, You create them using something else, then you can open them in Cut3D, rotate/scale/slice, then set up roughing and smoothing tool paths. STL, OBJ, and a few other 3D formats supported. More info at


I say invest a little bit more for VCarve Pro which I’m using with no problems. It is supporting X-Carve Post Processor. If you want to do more serious business with more complex needs, Aspire is better but cost arms and legs. Inventables selling VCarve Pro, they’re giving discount for bundled with Equipment order. Call them and ask for possible discount. Cut3D is similar to VCarve Pro with lot less capabilities. Especially if you’re planning to carve 3D Clip arts or similar, you will start pulling your hair, and this software not returnable item. When you buy it, it’s yours forever with 1 year free upgrade warranty.

Interesting. Looks like no body buys that.

I have to look at v-carve pro, but that’s pricey and cut3d has all i need at the moment. wondering if there post processors will work

Yes it will. Manually adding two .pp files into Post Processors folder. We’ll give you link to download.

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I need to consolidate my instructions for doing it, but here’s the start of the chain of links that will walk you through setting up post-processers in Aspire / V-Carve Pro:

click on the arrow …right under here

(that probably didn’t line up but it was worth a shot)

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