Cut3d + ? + x-carve

I have my model in Cut3d ,how do I get it to x-carve ?
Tried UGS,and gcode sender , is that possible ?
BCNC worked ,but not correctly .
I’m using the standard arduino uno
And Windows 7

I assume Cut3D is similar to other Vectric software, like VCarve that I use. Choose the appropriate post processor, save your gcode, then send it to XCarve with UGS. It’s probable best to use the latest version of UGS.

I got UGS working ,
I’m new at this
I tried with a NGC file and it worked but what other gcode files will work with UGS
I guess I’m asking ,what pp should I save it as ? From v-carve or cut3d .

I haven’t purchased the 3dcut yet so it won’t let me save it . To try it

Anything that produces a gcode file will work with UGS. I’ve used different software that produces a wide variety of file extensions: ngc, nc, whatever. From what I’ve seen, UGS has no problem reading whatever you load into it as long as it’s a gcode file.

For instance, when I started using VCarve and PhotoVcarve, I wanted to have a quick way to tell the difference when looking at filenames. So, I modified the Gcode_inch file that came with each of them. I have the VCarve PP name the gcode file using an extension of *; for PVC, I have it named * UGS doesn’t care about the extension.

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If cut3d ,gives me something that will work with UGS ,then I will purchase the 3DCUT .
And I should have enough to get started on my project.
1911 colt hand GRIPS

Thanks for the help