Cuting Flat steel

Is it possible to cut flat steel

From what I understand you can cut aluminum but not steel as this is a router and not a milling machine. I hope this helps.


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Makes sense. Thanks.

Maybe? Kind of?
There is one forum user who successfully cut old saw blades into pocket knives. However, it was not easy.
So while it is possible, it is outside the normal capacity of the X-Carve.
Not something I would want to do regularly as it would put a huge amount of wear ant tear on the X-Carve, router, and bits.

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I’ve successfully cut a few projects out of 18 gauge sheet metal. Haven’t tried milling anything heavier than that. The key was getting the steel dead on level to gantry so that cut depth stayed consistent, going slow and using a spay bottle with water to lubricate and cool the surface while using a air hose to blow away the chips.

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It can be done, however, as others have mentioned, not sure if it is ideal for regular usage.

Thanks Scott. What bit did you use for the 18 ga?

Thanks Marc and all. I was just going to help a friend out, but it’s not worth messing up my router or bit for. There are plenty of projects that can be done on X Carve so I can skip metal smithing.