Cuts are deformed

Recently I had this problem show up out of nowhere just after resolving another major issue…
the XC deforms the shape of what it is supposed to cut, and it looks intentional.
I’m trying to cut round knobs with easel.

The cuts are done in 8 depth passes and it seems like the X-axis is intentionally skipping steps, but it’s not random, each successive pass has the exacte same deformation. So instead of being round, the knobs are oval.

On the same board I was cutting 6 knobs, the first 4 were perfect and the last two were oval. I moved the board to another position, but that didn’t fix it. I’ve had drift problems before but they would be random,like suddenly the axis skips a step and off sets everything from then, but here it’s intentionally and consistently deforming the shape…

You have pictures of the parts, and please share your Easel file :slight_smile:

I searched under deformed and other terms but not oval, it’s not a perfect oval but it rather skips steps. But I may have found the problem. I wanted to switch the X and Z motors to see if the motor had problems. While doing so I noticed there was some play in the X motor pulley…
I’ll see if it’s really the problem, I previously watched the pulley closely while working and didn’t notice any slipping.

I have also increased and decreased the power to the X motor but that didn’t change anything.

Wait for it -------- wait -------- wait ------- here it comes! :smile:

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