Cuts are moving in both X and Y axis each pass

i have been trying to figure out why each pass keeps moving in positive direction on both X and Y. Cuts that just have a single pass are cutting exactly to size, but every pass after the initial cut in Z will move. I will try to attach a photo of the final piece. Machine is square and belts are sufficiently tight. Has anyone else dealt with this problem?

What kind of spindle you have. Some times magnetic interference from spindle cause unusual behaviors on steppers.
Best way to understand, turn your spindle on from toggle switch located in front of your power supply and watch stepper movements. If any of them moves erratically, change your spindle if it is 24V stock spindle, if it is dewalt change your brushes. And always remember, if you have Dewalt, do not use speed over 3.5

Will the cut pattern also appear when milling much softer materials?
What if you reduce feed rate or depth of cut to half?

Have been looking through other posts that seem that have the same problem as I, but to their solutions are not what i am dealing with. I do have the dewalt 611.
I double checked the belts, stepper motor set screws, v wheels, level of machine and wiring and everything seems to be how it should.
I re tightened the belts a bit to get rid of any slack and had the same problem cutting a square out of both pine and birch. I turned the feed down to 24 in/min and .03 DOC and still had the problem with both materials.

I have the Arduino gshield combo and went through the setup process from initial setup

just tight enough before i start to hear a slight “tune” to the belt

Stepper calibration problem gives wrong size cuts, uneven squares, bad circles Etc. this is different problem. Either loose set screw on pulleys, or noise issue.
Even if you have bad stepper adjustment, you’ll have same cut, same dept on every job you send.
Just focus on G-shield stepper motor currents, pulley set screws and last thing try dewalt on speed 1 and see if makes difference.

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