Cuts don't go through after alignment

Having a problem with a design.

The end product “should” be a rectangular “frame” with a lip on the inside. The finished product will fit over an existing piece and cover the edges of lexan and the bolts holding it together.

To do this, I have a series of 5 rectangles. The 1st and 5th cut the full thickness of the material (.75" MDF) with .250" between them. The largest (#1) rectangle is cutting on the outside the path and the smallest (#5) is cutting inside the path. The other 3 rectangles are progressively smaller and cutting on the path to a depth of .6250.

When I align #1 and #5, I can see two clear cuts through the material in the preview.
When I align #'s 2,3, and 4, I can see that they do what they should.

When I align #1, and #2, there is no cut all the way thru and when I align #4 and #5, no cut. When I align all 5, there is no cut thru the material.

I tried designing this with a pocket in the center but the job would take over 8 hours since the piece is about 16" x 4".

Am I missing something when I begin aligning the different parts of the design that is causing this? Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Have you calibrated your Z step/mm parameter? (GRBL $102)

Not entirely seeing your full work flow, but to get optimum accuracy on Z its somethimes better to “zero” off of the spoil board.

Say you carve 1/2" material:

  • Jog bit down to the spoil board to locate its reference
  • Then jog the bit up = material thickness and a little extra, say 1/16"
  • Use this Z postion as your Z zero.
  • Set yout carve depth = 1/2" + 1/16"

Thanks for the reply and suggestion. I’m not to the actual machine attempting the cut yet, I’m still working on building the object in Easel (pro). with other builds, the preview on the right shows pretty much exactly what I will end up with but I haven’t cracked the code on what I’m working on right now.

Have you tried using the move forward or move backward options in the edit menu? once you have all of the cuts aligned to where you want them select cut number 1 and then under the edit menu select bring to front and then do the same for cut 5 that may show the 2 through cuts over the other cuts in the preview window. If I am picturing what you want correctly its a rectangular frame with a .25" lip to cover the edges of another piece designed to slip inside of the frame with the lip being .125" thick and then you want a .25" full thickness frame. What size bit are you using? Does the insert piece have square or rounded corners? If it has square corners they will need to be radiused to match the radius of the bit you are using because you cant get square inside corners with a round bit.