Cuts larger than working area

I know I am limited to about 2.5 feet cuts on the X axis but can feed a board and make multiple cuts to make a larger project. I have done this before but it didn’t matter if my if cuts lined up.

For this one I want to do a large whale about 2.5 feet for X and about 4+ feet on the Y but my cuts will need to line up exactly. Anyone done this and can share some pointers.



Yes. You can be exact. Just takes a little planning. Here is one way that I did it

Thanks Phillip, I’ll check this out!!

I have other examples on my channel as well. Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions

One of the beat uses of your time is to go down the rabbit hole watching Phil’s videos. I learn from all of them … even ones using apps or skills I have done many times.

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