Cuts off by .015" when using Outline

Long time “watcher” of this forum. I have learned tons looking around and have been able to figure most issues with a quick search on here or a bit of ingenuity but this issue has finally stumped me and I can’t figure out what is wrong and most searches end up with “calibrate your machine” which I’ve done.

When cutting on the X-Carve using “Outline Path” I’m getting measurements .015" under, continuously. Using the “Fill” command I get the correct dimensions within .005" for whatever object I’m cutting, which is what I’m aiming for. I’ve double check the calibration of my machine and that is all fine. If I offset my DXF’s .015" before bringing them into easel then they’ll come out within tolerance of what I want but for me that is just a band aid ignoring the problem. I’ve attached some pictures to show the dimensions.

Thank you in advance for the help

He e you fit the male parts in the pockets?
Possible you calipers measure ID differently than OD.

Wait, what path are you using? The “Outline Path” has 3 settings: On Path, Outside, and Inside. “On Path” is the default and will give you something smaller than the outline you’re going for. “Outside” would be correct for the dimensions you’re trying to achieve.

The parts fit easily into the pockets, which if they were the same size (or close to into) they wouldn’t

I’m using “Outline Path” in Easel so I should be getting the proper dimensions which is why I’m stumped. I can get a good dimension using the “Fill” command but not the “Outline” path without compensating for the .015"

I need you to be a little more clear. You keep saying “Outline” path, but there are 3 “Outline Path” settings.

  • Outline Path -> Inside

  • Outline Path -> Outside (what I think you’re saying)

  • Outline Path -> On path (default)

See the screenshot below. I made three 2" squares, with the three different path settings. I set the bit size to 0.25" to make the effect more clear.

I’m using “Outside Path”, my bad with the unclearness

Is it off the same amount in both x and y?

Did you measure the bit you are using? Most bits are not exactly the diameter they are stated to be and there are tolerances to boot.

For instance a 1/8" bit should be 0.125" exactly, but it might not be depending on the manufacturer and the tolerances for it. It might be 0.122" or 0.128" if the tolerance is ±0.003 …

Just a thought…


Brandon Parker

It’s off the same both in the X and Y axis, but only when doing the outline. The “Fill” cut comes out pretty much dead on

I’ve checked and triple checked my bit diameter. I’ve also tried two other bits, both with the same outcome. Cutout shapes (outside outline) coming in at .015" under and “Fill” cutouts coming out within .005"

You could have two things off at once.

  1. Your bit is carving a bit larger slot than nominal. This can be either due to the bit being slightly larger than its advertised dimension, or due to runout of the bit.

  2. Your machine calibration is off in the small direction

These two things could cancel each other out for the 2" square fill, but for the outline cut, you end up small.

Try cutting a slot in the x-direction and y-direction and see if it matches the nominal bit size (it usually does not).