Cuts stoppiing before finished

Why to my cuts abitrarily stop in the middle of a job. Usually after it finishes the first letter of the word?

With any GRBL-machine the USB is the weak link. That carve will halt if the USB link get disrupted.
Sources for disruptions are plenty, anything from USB-port power management or something around the machine that generate too much electrical noise which the USB link picks up.

Sources for electrical noise may be Dewalt (worn brushes or high RPM), power cords next to signal link, shop vac, static discharge etc.

Here is a forum search for the same words. hope this help you :

Thanks for the response. But it was USB interference wouldn’t it also stop randomly in the middle of cutting the letter. This will always stop after cutting a letter an if I redo the cut it will stop at the same place.

What program do you use for design/CAM?
What program do you use to send the gcode to the machine?

All Easel?