Cuts wont line up (moved to X-Carve group)

Sorry if it has been said before, didn’t read the whole thing, but you are making a logical error. You will always have this issue when cutting curves on center-line. You must cut that profile 2 times if you want them to match up. Once on the ‘inside’ of the profile and once on the outside. That means there will be some wasted stock but that’s the only way.

Yes I’ve done that.

@anon68752607 It’s actually not that simple. On a sine wave the cuts are slightly different. One being the kerf of the cut and one being the negative of what is left. I have it demonstrated above in screenshots.

if the sine line is the meeting point between 2 pieces, if you cut on opposite sides of the line to cut both your mating pieces, they will always fit perfectly (provided no external mechanical issues are in play). Same applies with puzzle pieces etc. You can’t cut 1 line and expect them to be perfect fits. You need to cut both pieces separately.

If you are 100% sure this is what you are doing, it’s a mechanical issue. But seeing your pics, I’m almost certain it’s the former.

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Yes, im cutting one tool path on the outside and the other on the inside.

ah haha sorry some things got lost in translation here. It’s a hard concept to explain in text form for me. From the point of view of the 2 pieces, you need to cut both outside the profile.

If you consider the mating sine line, if you cut both pieces outside, you’ll find that the upper piece cut under the line and the lower piece cut above the line. So that’s what we mean by cutting on both sides of the line. If you look to your image, your toolpath is under the sine line both times, which will effectivele give the exact same result over and over.

Anyway, without making this any more confusing: cut both pieces outside the line and they should match. If they don’t, it’s a mechanical issue. But it’ll be a LOT closer than what you currently got in any case.

Hope it’s not too confusing. :sweat_smile:

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Man, I’ll take all the help I can get! I’ll try that! Thanks for helping out!

OK. So, we should be cutting like this correct?

Just think about it and you’ll see why this is the way to do it.

let us know how it turned out, I’m curious!

Success! Thats it, both cuts on the outside. Thanks so much for everyone’s help!!