Cuttin in Aspire / Design in Corell

Hi all nice forum members
How do I cut in Aspire
when I have designed it in Coreldraw
I can find how to save it to Aspire

I am in hurry because the frind have a birthday
in a couple of days


I often export dxf’s from Coreldraw and use aspire to add toolpaths. I know aspire can do most things Coreldraw can design wise, but I have been using Coreldraw for about 10 years so it’s quicker/easier for me to do it like that.

Once you have created your design in Coreldraw go to File-Export, then I export as a dxf (sometimes I got strange size issues exporting as an svg).
In aspire set your workpiece, then import the dxf. Then you can add whatever toolpaths you require

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Thx Sir
I´l give it a try

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No problem.

It’s all fairly straight forward, but I literally do this almost every day, so any questions ask away

Hi TheWhittler Sir
I try to uplode a picture of my project
Please take a look on it and give me hints
If I should pocket cut the notes or not.
or other hints
Roland 1.crv3d (4.7 MB)Roland 1.dxf (195.8 KB)

To be honest it looks ok with everything just vcarved.

With more time you could add more complex design/toolpaths, but if you are just getting started and you are pushed for time its probably best to keep things simple

Absolutely agree. For something simple like that I would not use Coreldraw as it’s just extra time for nothing.

On the nodes front, wow. What’s going on there? I just looked at the toolpath previews so didn’t see them.
I sometimes delete the odd unnecessary node before exporting from coreldraw, but I’ve never seen so many on a simple curve

My background is graphic design and I use Corel Draw all time time. I have Vetric’s Desktop Pro and Aspire (both awesome programs) but from a design standpoint there is no comparison to a stand alone design program like Corel or Adobe.

I reduce nodes with a couple clicks…

Why can´t I change bits when using the Easel PP in Aspire
I´m using 3.15 mm v-bit 90 degree for all the carving exept for the outside line
The outside line it´s cutting thru the material and thefore I use a 3.15 mm straight bit

You have to save each cutter to its own toolpath. You can save all of the v bit toolpaths into one file, and then save the cutout into another.
Then you can run the vbit toolpath, change your bit, re-zero Z, and then run the cutout toolpath.

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This is how it turned out with all the help from you nice people here
on the great forum

Kristian / Sweden


Can anyone explain to me what I’m doing wrong.
Suddenly when I should do a new project
There was something wrong?
Once I have selected the tool part list and saved it
And when I start in UGCS, the mill does not lift
It goes straight on to the material and therefore I have got 4 broken bits
Have I missed any setting in the tool parts list


Did you set up your stock, and retract heights etc in aspire for the new project?

I´m stupid because,
I don´t think I understand your answer ,sorry
When I tried a new simple project in easel
The mill worked ok

You really should check out the tutorials vectric provide as they will explain everything very well. Aspire is an expensive piece of software to have bought (especially out of the gate), so you may as well learn to use it properly and get all of the benefits it provides.
All of vectric tutorials are extremely clear and well explained, and would get someone going that had no experience previously


I went trough a lots of tutorials, but no one solved my problem

You are the best
If I could, I give you a gold medal