Cutting a round circle

I am having trouble cutting a round circle. Everything works fine when cutting in the X, Y, and Z axis in a straight line. If i mill a line in any direction I have very accurate dimensional cuts. When I cut a hole in the same project my holes are not round. I am creating a drawing in AutoCAD and saving the drawing as an STL file. I then use CamBam to generate the g-code. I send the g-code to the X-carve with Universal G-code sender. As my bit goes thru the material it follows the same none round path at each of the depths of the cutting. The holes look like multiple strait lines to make a close to circular shape. (Sorta like a stop sign) Does anyone have any idea why my openings are not coming out round?

I highly suggest using the search function to search for “circles”. This is a pretty common issue and it is due to losing steps. VERY fixable.

Before you say “I’ve checked everything”, trust me. I did it too. :smiley:

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Based on the fact that the rectangle cut at the same time is correct I can’t see how a lost step could be the issue. I think it has more to do with who the G-Code is either written or how UGS is sending the data.

I had the exact same problem as have others. I buckled down and followed the guides and now my X-Carve cuts perfect. It was my belt tension. Oh, I did adjust my pots as well.

I was banging my head against the walls.

When you’re cutting a rectangle, you’re only driving one stepper at a time. When cutting a circle, two steppers have to move in exact harmony. If you’re marginal on driving one axis, driving two axis at the same time may bring one down to the point of missing steps. This might be fixed by adjusting belts etc to bring down need current to drive an axis, or by tweaking pots to increase current to a stepper.