Cutting a Spiral

I would like to carve a spiral pattern with the spiral going down (Z) as well as around (X/Y) and trying to figure out how I can go about it? Xcarve is more than capable of it, but don’t know any software that can produce the gcode!

Obviously drawing a spiral toolpath is easy, but how to get the z-axis to continually move down as it goes around the spiral?

I wonder if an Easel App could achieve this?

Only method I can think of so far is to generate gcode for a flat spiral and modify the Z values manually.

Just curious, are you looking to cut threads? I’ve thought about doing that.

Not really, although wood nuts and bolts would be cool! It was actually for a bowl design (outside).

Fusion 360, and similar, can do what you’re asking.


The Easle app is not capable of cutting a downward spiral. Like stated, you will need Fusion 360 (steep learning curve) or something like Vectric Aspire (steep price).